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T-CAL has a network for public and private member agencies to work together   toward a common goal. We create a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to families, children and the community at large. Our goals are to strengthen families one person at a time. Use our wealth of experiences, resources, and knowledge to help change the social and economic climate in low-income communities; Teach the importance of community development; Starting new non-profit organization is one of the ways that promote community development and create jobs; Help find affordable housing for low- to moderate-income individuals and families; Plan and coordinate community events. For over a decade, our primary focus has been on business startups and community self-help programs.

Building power in our community ~ T-CAL seeks to reduce the number of families and individuals living in poverty, thereby providing a better future for the people in Antelope Valley. This means 

(1) Continuing to provide long-term solutions to the problems facing people in poverty and 

(2) Targeting resources to those with the greatest need. TCAL has established several goals to reduce poverty among its population: 

(A) Provide a wide-range of services and activities through its programs that have a measurable impact on conditions of poverty. 

(B) Provide activities through its programs and services to assist low-income participants, including the elderly, to secure and retain employment, gain an adequate education, obtain and maintain affordable/accessible housing, obtain emergency assistance to meet immediate and urgent individual and family needs, including health services and remove obstacles blocking the achievement of self-sufficiency. 

(C) Coordinate and collaborate linkages between governmental and other social service programs to ensure the effective delivery of such services to low-income individuals. 

(D) Encourage the private sector to become involved in efforts to alleviate poverty.

T-CAL Justice Forum teaching our community their rights
TCAL ~ Food Give-A-Ways