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Mission Statement
The Community Action League (TCAL) mission is to empower, improve and advance the economic, political and social conditions of community residents within the Antelope Valley and Los Angeles communities. 

We intend to support, advocate for, and stand with, any organization, agency, individual, or disenfranchised group that has a just and righteous cause. 

Our goal is to transform and improve the quality of life of our community through grassroots organizing and economic empowerment. 

TCAL has a commitment to make a significant contribution to better the quality of life for all residents by improving the physical nature of our neighborhoods and environment. We are a grassroots movement focused on establishing community bonds with each other and on building a community,  governed, ruled and empowered by the people.

Xmas Toy Give-a-ways
TCAL fighting for the rights of our teachers and students at AV collage
TCAL's meeting with ACLU 2/4/2012
I have to praise a gentleman named Pharaoh Mitchell of TCAL who steered a lawsuits against the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster, California for discrimination in how Section 8 recipients were being handled by law enforcement. That lawsuit opened PANDORA'S BOX. Sometimes people stand with you; sometimes people stand against you out of jealousy and wanting you to fail. But I tell people like Mitchell that God always stands with you so to heck with everyone else. Do what you believe God has called you to do, KEEP IT REAL, and make your contribution to your community and to our youth. Diana
August 18, 2012 back to school backpack give-aways with One Way Up ~ Lancaster California